Hornchurch Academy Trust

Reporting an Absence

Any absence from school must be explained on each new day of absence by no later than 9.30am. You can:

  • Telephone the school absence line on 01708 803950 to leave a message
  • Telephone the office on 01708 555677
  • Provide a written note

The school has a policy of ‘first day’ contact by text or telephone if we have not received notification of your child’s absence. If we do not speak to the first named contact we will continue ringing all contacts so that we can verify your child is safe.

A note will need to be sent into school on your child’s return so that our records can be kept up to date.

Requests for holidays and other types of leave during term time will not be approved. On the very rare occasions this may happen, requests must be put in writing to the head teacher using the leave of absence form, followed by an appointment to discuss the matter, however the absence may still not be approved. From September 2015 any unauthorised absence may lead to a financial penalty.

Leave of Absence Form

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