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Scargill Junior School were inspected by OFSTED in December 2019.
They visited us for two days. We were graded 'Good'.

You can download the December 2019 Scargill Junior School inspection report here.

Scargill Junior School Ofsted ReportAlternatively, visit the Ofsted website for more information

OFSTED December 2019:

'Pupils are proud to attend Scargill Junior School. They want to come to school every day. 
They said that they like coming to school because they find learning fun.'

'Pupils have strong relationships with adults. In class, pupils try hard and are enthusiastic about their learning. They have a good understanding of what bullying is, including online bullying.
They said that on the rare occasions it happens or if pupils are unkind to one another, adults sort
it out quickly.'

'Pupils behave well in lessons, at breaktimes and when moving around the school. Pupils like to help each other. The playground buddies from Years 5 and 6 support younger pupils when they
are feeling upset or worried during lunchtime.'

'Pupils have lots of opportunities to take on extra responsibilities. Pupils are proud to be house captains, school councillors, eco warriors and playground buddies. These responsibilities help to build their confidence.'

'Pupils feel safe in school. They also know how to keep themselves safe outside of school. 
Through their e-safety training, they know what to do if someone they don’t know attempts to contact them online.'

'Pupils know the importance of eating healthily and leading a healthy lifestyle. They exercise regularly at school through their daily mile walk. Pupils take part in many extra-curricular activities including sports French, science, choir and sewing club.'

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