School Meals

Havering Catering Services operate a system for paying for dinner and drinks tickets called ‘sQuid’. This means that the kitchen will not be selling any tickets and these will need to be paid for through a sQuid account. sQuid is an easier, more convenient way to pay for school meals.

When joining our school you will receive unique registration details so that you can create a sQuid account and top up your account online.

For information on free school meals entitlement please check eligibility criteria on Havering councils website: or apply by calling the Havering Free School Meals Officer on 01708433929.


Children who prefer to go home for lunch should be collected at the start of their lunch break and should return to school 5 minutes before the end of the break (all children must be signed out and in again by a parent when leaving the premises). Please note that we do not usually re-admit children during the lunch hour for Health and Safety reasons.


Please note that newly admitted children or in year transferred children will need to be provided with a packed lunch until a sQuid account is set up.


Please click here to register and create an account with sQuid.

Please click here to log into your sQuid account.  


A two-course meal currently costs £2.25

Please click here for the link to the Havering Catering website or click here for the current school menu.